Jewelry Care


For most people* silver jewelry can be worn in the same manner as gold jewelry. Periodical polishing and cleaning should be the only maintenance required. We recommend that you take care of your jewelry at least once a month, depending on frequency of use. 

We suggest the use of a polishing cloth with white color inner fabric because white fabric will not color your jewelry, as may be the case with other fabric. At Silvertalks, we do have special polish cloths for silver jewelry and silver wares.

When silver jewelry is not worn every day, it has to be stored properly to prevent tarnishing. First, you have to clean the jewelry properly and put the jewelry into a new ziplock plastic bag and squeeze out any extra air to seal it. Then put the sealed jewelry into a dark color box through which light is not penetrable. If your silver jewelry does get tarnished, there are two ways to clean it.

The first method is to use a polish cloth to polish it if the jewelry is a simple one that every part of jewelry can be reached by polishing. Some part of jewelry may not be reachable but that part would generally not need polishing. For example, some antique finish jewelry and pieces people like to see dark oxidized colour on the intricate details.

If your jewelry cannot be cleaned by first mehtod, you may use liquid cleaner. Watch out when yo buy your liquid cleaner! It is doubtful if the label on the cleaner claims that it can clean gold, silver, platinum, and diamond etc. Most likely it cannot clean anything properly. 

We use and highly recommend HAGERTY Silver Cleaner (liquid) cleaning jewelry and 3M TARNI.SHIELD (cream) for silver bowls. Strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions when using liquid cleaner.

Jewelry cleaned by liquid or cream cleaner should be polished using a polishing cloth to give it a finishing touch.

*There are about 2-5% in the general population who have strong acid in their body fluids. For them, silver jewelry can be tarnished very quickly and requires constant cleaning which can be troublesome. Rhodium plated on sterling silver or white gold on sterling silver would be a better choice for people whose skins have high acid content.

**Generally, polishing cloths are not recommended for cleaning stones on silver jewelry, especially soft stones such as amber, ammolite, pearl, opal etc. Please refer to stone care in stone shelf section for cleaning of stones.

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