Ron Russ
Ron Russ a Haida Native Artist was born in 1953 into the Eagle Clan in Masset BC on Haida Gwaii. His father Reynold Russ is the hereditary Chief of Old Masset and his mother June comes from the Nisga'a Nation. Ron Russ is an accomplished Haida Master Carver who was interested in Haida art since his early childhood. He started by drawing stories he heard from his family and elders. Ron was trained by his grandfather and educated himself by studying books about Haida art. He experimented together with his peers and they helped each other to master and perfect their carving skills. Ron carves mostly in Argillite, but likes wood and metal as well. Ron's work has been exhibited at the UBC Museum of Anthropology, the Prince Rupert Museum and the Museum of Civilization in Hull and is collected worldwide.