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Matte Finish Cross Pendant with Diamond

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Material: Sterling Silver / Matte Finished
Size: 7/16" X 3/8"
Gemstone: Diamond / 0.02ct
Item#: 11757
Tags: Silver, Diamond, Quinn, Cross, Gemstone Jewelry, Pendants, Basic Jewelry

Clear, Transparent, Clear white, yellow, blue, brown, pink; Hardness: 10, Occurrence: Africa, CanadAustralia, Brazil, India, Russia, USA) A symbol of purity, crystals of pure carbon formed under intense heat and pressure. A symbol of material wealth and prestige. Associated securing love. Can be worn for coverage. When carried or worn, promotes confidence with the opposite sex. Diamonds is an amplifier, it is one of the few stones that never needs recharging..

About Quinn: Jewellery creations from QUINN combine the classic aspects of the retrospective with the upcoming feel of the avantgarde. They reveal themselves with many faces, play with new materials, and discover and interpret the spirit of the times and its different currents in creative details. The love for jewellery constitute the basic principle of our everyday life and work at Quinn. We set great store by adopting a natural approach and acting with integrity. All of this is reflected in the high quality of workmanship and the clarity and simplicity of our jewellery design. That‘s how we create authentic jewellery for genuine feelings.

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