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Green Amethyst Heart Pendant

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Material: Sterling Silver / White Gold Finished
Size: 1/2" X 1/4"
Gemstone: Green Amethyst / 1/4" X 1/4" / 0.9ct
Item#: 74943
Tags: Daisy, Green Amethyst, Heart, Gemstone Jewelry, Pendants

Born in Hong Kong and trained as a fashion designer in London, England. Daisy Ho worked out her own way successfully in the competitive jewellery designing business. Each piece is created with her passion toward nature and art. The uniqueness of the jewellery and quality of the craft work has been always what she is pursuing through the 20 years of her designing career.

Green Amethyst
(colour varies from a pale yellow green to the deeper shades of green. Occurrence: Brazil, USA) Green Amethyst (Prasiolite): Intensity of colour and fine clarity are the most important aspects to consider when purchasing Green Amethyst. Green Amethyst is ideal for everyday wear. It is believed by crystal headers to facilitate the gap between the physical and spiritual aspects of life, attracting prosperity through strengthening the mind, emotions and will.

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