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Hummingbird and Salmon Bracelet

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Material: Sterling Silver
Width: 3/4" Tapered
Size: Inside diameter 1 7/8" X 2 1/4" / Inside circumference 6 1/2"
Item#: 84623
Tags: Silver, Alvin Adkins, Hummingbird, Salmon, Canadian First Nations, Bracelets

Alvin Adkins
Alvin was born in Prince Rupert in B.C. He is a self-taught artist who works in gold, silver, wood and argillite. Alvin is a member of the Haida nation. Beginning his career as an artist in 1971, Alvin has established himself as a prominent artist, and his style reflects intricacy, experience and quality. Alvin is one of the many Haida artists who, through maintaining the traditional Haida carving style, is aiming to preserve his heritage for future generations. In 2010, Alvin received the esteemed “British Columbia Achievement Award” for First Nations ‘Art.

Joyful messengers who represent peace, affection and good fortune. The Hummingbird is a living rainbow that captures the sunlight and turns it into a jewel on its wings, signifying love, beauty and healing. This tiny bird is also called "Sah Sen"

The Symbol of immortality and wealth, dependability and renewal. The Salmon is the life source, and is always treated with high regard. The great abundance of salmon allowed the culture of the Northwest Coast to flourish.

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