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Killer Whale and Eagle Wrap Ring

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Material: 14K Yellow Gold / Sterling Silver
Size: #8½
Width: 3/4" front 3/8" side
Item#: 81129
Tags: #8½, Yellow Gold and Silver, Eagle, Killer Whale, Marven Tallio, Canadian First Nations, Rings, Wrap Rings

Alternate Size: #7 #7½ #8

Symbol of power, prestige and wisdom. The Eagle also has a strong connection to peace. Its sacred down represents friendship and its feathers are used for ceremonies and rituals. The Cree consider each feather as having special meaning and distinction.

Killer Whale
It is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. Legend says that Whales can capture a canoe, take it underwater, and transform the occupants into Whales. Thus, a Whale near the shore is a transformed human trying to communicate with his family.

Marven Tallio
Marven is a member of the Nuxalk nation formerly known as the Bella Coola. The Killer whale, Grizzly Bear and eagle are his predominant crest symbols. Marven started carving at the age 7, and then studied jewelry design under master carver Derek Wilson of Haisla. Marven’s father, Glen Tallio, an accomplished mask carver has passed on this age-old tradition to young Marven. With the enhancement of his design knowledge and exploring a variety of medium. His artworks have gained international reputation.

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