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Killer Whale Ring

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Material: 14K Yellow Gold / Sterling Silver
Width: 5/16"
Size: #8½
Item#: 93759
Tags: #8½, Yellow Gold and Silver, Killer Whale, Nelson Cross, Filigree Ring Collection, Canadian First Nations, Rings

Alternate Size: #10 #12½ #9

Killer Whale
It is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. Legend says that Whales can capture a canoe, take it underwater, and transform the occupants into Whales. Thus, a Whale near the shore is a transformed human trying to communicate with his family.

Nelson Cross
Born to the Eagle Clan of Haida Gwaii. He is from the legendary family of John Cross and Gordon Cross. He began carving at the age of twenty. He first learned to draw and carve under the guidance of Pat Dickson and Wilford Stevens. Through independent study of the traditional Haida arts and using every opportunity to practice. he became sufficiently developed to carve with late legend Bill Reid. He also, in 1985-86, worked with Reid on the "Loo Taasa" Canoe. He produces silk screens and carves wood, argillite, gold and silver. The design of his silver is particularly robust and energetic.

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