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Killer Whale Wrap Ring

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Material: 14K Rose Gold / Sterling Silver
Width: 1/4" Front / 1/8" Side
Size: #5
Item#: 94668
Tags: #5, Rose Gold and Silver, Killer Whale, Victoria Harper, Canadian First Nations, Rings, Wrap Rings

Alternate Size: #7 #8 #9

Killer Whale
It is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. Legend says that Whales can capture a canoe, take it underwater, and transform the occupants into Whales. Thus, a Whale near the shore is a transformed human trying to communicate with his family.

Victoria Harper
Victoria Harper was born in 1979, and is Kwakiutl, Carrier and Cree. She started silver work in 1999 in an apprenticeship under her father Charles Harper who had been apprenticed under great Lylod Wadhams in the Mid 1970’s. The other major influences of Victoria’s native designs are from her uncles, they are Douglas and Glen Harper, Paddy Seaweed, Dennis and George Matilpi, all of them are well known for their wood and jewelry carvings.

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