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Raven Bracelet

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Material: Sterling Silver
Width: 1/4"
Size: 6” in length, with 3/4” gap
Item#: 4557
Tags: Silver, Donald L. Lancaster, Raven, Canadian First Nations, Bracelets

Donald L. Lancaster
Born in Hazelton, B,C. a member of the Namgis Nation. He learned carving at early age, and quickly established himself as being stylistically true to his traditions. His remarkable representations of aboriginal images exclusively in sterling silver and gold. The carving style produces nuances of shadings and reflections in his pieces which is evident in few other artists work. Many highly appreciative clients delight in collecting his works which provide them endless pleasure and pride in owning items hand carved by him.

The creator, transformer, and trickster. He is mischievous and playful, symbolizing truth, knowledge, and transformation. Raven demonstrates the complexity of nature, and reminds us that not everyone sees the world in the same way. While a trickster, in many myths he is an aid to the creator, acting as the messenger from the sky, clarifying truths for the people, earning him the name “keeper of secrets”. In mythology the Raven released the sun and moon into the sky and discovered mankind in a clamshell.

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