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Raven Ring

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Material: 14K Yellow Gold / Sterling Silver
Width: 1/2" Tapered
Size: #9
Item#: 4073
Tags: #9½, Yellow Gold and Silver, Paddy Seaweed, Raven, Canadian First Nations, Rings

Paddy Seaweed
Born in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada, Paddy Seaweed has been designing with silver and gold for the past 20 years. As an artist specializing in silver and gold carving, Paddy Seaweed is distinguished by and praised for his deep, fluid carving and beautiful designs. Each piece of his handwork is a vivid expression of his inherent love towards nature.

The creator, transformer and trickster. Legend says the Raven released the sun and moon, and discovered mankind in a clamshell. The Raven also brought the salmon and the water to man, and taught people how to fish and hunt. The Raven is one of the two main crests of the Haida.

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