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Ravens Ring

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Material: 14K Yellow Gold / Sterling Silver
Width: 19/32" Front / 3/8" Side
Size: #8½
Item#: 26137
Tags: #8½, Yellow Gold and Silver, Raven, Sheldon Williams, Canadian First Nations, Rings

The creator, transformer and trickster. Legend says the Raven released the sun and moon, and discovered mankind in a clamshell. The Raven also brought the salmon and the water to man, and taught people how to fish and hunt. The Raven is one of the two main crests of the Haida.

Sheldon Williams
Sheldon Williams was born to the Raven Clan of Naglisla, Heiltsuk Nation in 1968. His interest in the art of his people began in his early teens. Since that early beginning he has created a wide body of work that includes poles, masks, paintings, blankets, plaques, chest, bentwood boxes as well as gold and silver jewelry. He is a skilled carver and his jewelry frequently shows unique settings .

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