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Sisiut Spiral Pendant

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Material: Sterling Silver
Size: 3/8" X 5/16"
Item#: 34053
Tags: Silver, Harold Alfred, Sisiutl, Harold Alfred Spiral Collection, Pendants

Chain not included.

Harold Alfred
Born and raised in Alert Bay, British Columbia on Cormorant Island to the Nimpkish band. Harold started to learn proper implementation of designs, history, legends and art forms at a very young age. Studied under the supervision of the present day Kwakiutl master artists. With the appreciation and knowledge of Kwakiutl art, he combined his techniques with woodcarving, silversmithing and three-dimensional shaping together, designed outstanding art pieces which have contemporary feeling and a strong sense of the past.

The guardian creature of the supernatural. This double headed sea serpent has healing power and magic. It possesses supernatural power enabling it to shape shift and transform from animal to man.

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