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Sisiutl Ring

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Material: Sterling Silver
Width: 1/4"
Size: #8
Item#: 7364
Tags: #8, Silver, Charles Harper, Sisiutl, Canadian First Nations, Rings

Alternate Size: #10 #11 #12 #2 #7

Charles Harper
Born to the Frog Clan of Carrier Native, Charles started his professional career in 1974 and created unique Northwest Coast designs. Charles gained his inspiration from master artists Lloyd Wadhams Senior, George and Dennis Matilpi from Kwakiutl Nation. Charles developed his own unique style expressing his integrity, strength of character and gentle spirit. He is widely known for his design works in platinum, gold, white gold and silver jewelry. Charles also carves totem poles and wooden sculptures. Two of Charles' poles stand in front of Stoney Creek Band Longhouse.

The guardian creature of the supernatural. This double headed sea serpent has healing power and magic. It possesses supernatural power enabling it to shape shift and transform from animal to man.

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