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Sisiutl Ring

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Width: 1/2" Tapered
Material: Sterling Silver
Size: #13½
Item#: 34460
Tags: Silver, #13½, Mike Matilpi, Sisiutl, Canadian First Nations, Rings

Alternate Size: #10 #5 1/2 #7½ #8

Mike Matilpi
Born to Kwakiutl nation of Alert Bay, B.C., Mike has been carving silver jewellery since 1993. His teacher is his father Charles Harper, a well-known artist who has been carving for over 35 years. Mike has attended Mountain Gems silversmith course and was taught how to set stones using a Bezel setting. The majority of Mike's relatives are also carvers, in some way influenced Mike's work. Just to name a few: Doug Harper, Glen Harper, Les Harper, George Matilpi, Dennis Matilpi, and Paddy Seaweed.

The guardian creature of the supernatural. This double headed sea serpent has healing power and magic. It possesses supernatural power enabling it to shape shift and transform from animal to man.

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