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Turquoise Ring

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Material: Sterling Silver
Size: #8½
Width: 1 3/8" Front / Tapered
Item#: 91646
Tags: #8½, Turquoise, Rings, American Native Works, Gemstone Jewelry

(vitreous blue, bluish-green, green; hardness 5-6; Occurrence: Mexico, USA, Chile, Australia etc.) Wear for peace of heart, mind, soul. Turquoise unites the earth and the sky. Aids you in the search for who you really are. A sacred stone to many American Indian tribes. A protective stone. Wear for coverage, especially when traveling into dangerous places. Wear to attract new friends, to be happy and even tempered, to increase beauty. Giver as a gift, it bestows wealth and happiness on its receiver. Said to prevent migraines when worn.

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